Tnpsc Self Preparation Tips :

Many Students are appearing for the TNPSC Exams. Only a few students got selected in post. Here we present you some exam tips to follow so that you get clear and got selected in post. Follow the below steps for those who prepare for the TNPSC exam at home. Prepare a complete TNPSC study plan before start preparing for the exam. The syllabus is the most important thing for any type of exam, take the blueprint of the Syllabus. Read TNPSC syllabus complete in order to get complete knowledge about the exam. Mark the area you already know an area to concentrate more. Try to read newspapers so that you can easily score in the current affairs part. Here in the below article, It gives you complete ideas and tips for TNPSC Exam. Check below for TNPSC Exam Tips.

Keep Yourself Updated with the Syllabus:

The first and the most important thing you should keep in your mind is that always stick to the syllabus. This would help you in concentrating more on the desired subjects. Whenever it comes to preparing for a tough government examination, make sure that you always be thorough with the syllabus. Just take a hardcopy of the TNPSC syllabus and keep it in front of you always while preparing.

Listen to the News Updates Regularly :

Usually, TNPSC Group exam include questions based on rocket launch, winners of certain tournaments, new laws, books and its authors, awards, Science, Technology, Govt Policies, current affairs etc. The easiest way to prepare for the same is simply follow the news. You can either read newspaper daily. But if you are short on time, then you can simply install various news applications. This would enable you read news anywhere, at any time.

Practice makes a man perfect:

You all know that continuously practicing for something always give you positive results. And in almost each and every examination, Aptitude Questions is the basic process to select the candidates. For this reason, to clear the first step of recruitment, always make sure that you practice for the Aptitude regularly. Your performance in aptitude depicts your problem solving ability. You might be thinking how and what to prepare for Aptitude. Well, you need to cover the subjects like Mathematics, Reasoning, English etc. R.S Agarwal is a book which you may refer to prepare well for the aptitude.

Don’t just cover the important topics:

There is no doubt that aptitude is one of the most important sections you need to cover. But, it doesn’t mean that you ignore other things. Hard work is the key to success so try to work harder by covering other major sections also. These sections include Geography, History, Science, Civics, and Economics. To prepare for these subjects, you can refer to the NCERT books of class 6th to class 12th. This would give you clear idea about the questions that may be asked in the TNPSC Group 1 Exam.

Strengthen your weaker areas:

You might be wondering how to know the weaker areas of yours. Mock tests is one of the things that you may take to know where you are lacking and on which area or topic you need to work more. You can test your ability to solve problems and analysing your speed to complete the exam by taking various mock tests. Do not just take the mock tests, try to correct your mistakes too.

Refer Sample Papers:

This is true that this is an older advice, but still a best one. If you will refer to the previous year question papers, you will get a clear idea about the difficulty level of the examination. In addition to this, you will also learn the pattern of examination.

Do and Don’ts :

If you are one of the candidates preparing for the Tamil Nadu public service commission exam at home, well, then you should not be skeptical about it. It is the right choice and is doable. All you need to do is be focused and read the Dos and Don’ts for self-studying at home.

Dos and Don’ts for self-studying :

  • You also need to be mindful of self-studying for the Tamil Nadu public service commission exam to create a non- distraction environment and disciplined plan to accomplish it successfully.
  • Many who are attempting it for the first time might feel the exam and self-study are quite intimidating, yet do not give up.
  • There is always a way out of any confusion, and hence we have written this post to help you. Preparing for the Tamil Nadu public service commission exam without coaching and taking up only self-study gives you complete control over your study schedules, consistency, and, more importantly time.
  • Here are some of the Preparations tips and how to devise a fool-proof Tamil Nadu public service commission exam self-study plan.

TNPSC Time Management Tips :

sincerity and planning will keep you up efficiently. Before that, let us see the core factors required for cracking the exam. Here are some crucial pointers while preparing for the Tamil Nadu public service commission.

  • Understanding the Tamil Nadu public service commission exam syllabus
  • Collect crucial information and resources
  • Begin your study preparation with complete sincerity and dedication
  • Make legible revision notes.
  • Practice mock tests and Quizzes
  • Solve the exam questions from the previous year
  • A study of high quality and standard books only.
  • “Practice makes a man perfect.” Always remember and revise the topics that you studied.

Now, let us raise the curtain from the main tips on how to prepare for the Tamil Nadu public service commission exam at home.


For best results, your Tamil Nadu public service commission exam self-study planning must begin at least six months before the exam. Every paper covers more than ten subjects in the Tamil Nadu public service commission exam, so one or two months will not be sufficient. If you only start studying in one or two months, then we are my friend; you will not be able to figure out what to learn, how to research, and the whole point of preparing for the Tamil Nadu public service commission will be next to impossible.

Practice exam papers :

You must practice previous years’ question papers to guide you to analyze the Tamil Nadu public service commission exam trend and make you successful. Besides, you will have to do more study from the standard books, rather than just borrow notes from friends.

It would be best if you had an overall idea about the list of TNPSC exam papers you are attempting.

Study routine :

Design a practical timetable to study and always remember to stick with the plan. Choose the subjects, timing, and duration wisely. Take up standard topics first because we believe a good starting has a successful accomplishment at the end. Therefore, as we said, begin your preparation with a familiar subject with good knowledge.

Easy and Tough Topics :

You need to consolidate and plan your Tamil Nadu public service commission exam schedule for studying at home as the topics, sorting according to the challenging and accessible issues. You need to understand the concepts of difficult problems as well to succeed.

It would be best if you choose a medium difficulty level for you, but it is also essential from the exam point of view.

Do not begin the preparation with an extremely tough topic. Besides, learning a straightforward matter would mean wasting a lot of time on that initially and may make you foolish.

Timing :

Time is the only thing you can take charge of, but you should first devote enough time to study at home for the TNPSC exam. Candidates will have to analyze the TNPSC exam syllabus accurately. Choose the topic you are most confident about and prepare for it in a well-stipulated time. Always make a timetable to finish the learning for each topic in a day. Besides, try to be useful in all subjects and not just master one subject.

Final Words 

Besides these above-mentioned points, you should always check out the online communities, peer groups, and blogs when you can’t join a coaching institute.

Use Quora, google, Edvizo, Gradestack, etc. to find great mentors and experts to discuss doubts and get guidance regularly.

Join the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam self-study communities to contact your peers and understand common problems.

We hope you found this post about how to prepare for the TNPSC exam at home really useful. One of the aspects of the TNPSC self-study preparation is to acquire clarity on your topics and courses’ basic concepts.

Proper and regular practice will undoubtedly develop overall performance potential during the real examination. Anyone, including you, can become a topper in the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam if you wish to.

Therefore, just remember to monitor your daily activity sincerely and use full time to complete your discussion with competitive friends and peers.

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam is one of the best ways to shape your future in the right manner.

TNPSCEXAMS wishes all the aspirants good luck.

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